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Who we are?

Solar MD storage products are produced from the safest Lithium-Ion technology battery cells. These battery cells are based on the most advanced Lithium Iron Phosphate chemistry available.  Solar MD designs the intelligent battery management system inhouse.  This design allows cell level monitoring, protection and control.  Major inverter brands are compatible with Solar MD systems.  Solar MD solutions are compatible with low voltage as well as high voltage power conversion systems.

Off-grid solutions simultaneously combined with Wind, Solar or Diesel. Grid-connected for extended self-consumption, power outage protection, peak shaving or energy shifting.  Solar MD energy storage solutions are explicitly manufactured in a state of the art modern technology factory in Cape Town, South Africa.  Produced in Africa for Africa.

The Ultimate back-up power With or without Solar

Lithium-Ion batteries automatically become your property’s main energy source. Above all, it protects your property from the next power outage while enjoying a continuous energy supply.

Energy Storage Solution for renewable energy

Be up to 100% independent by installing a Solar MD Lithium-Ion battery.  Store all the renewable energy you’ll need in batteries for later use.  In other words, this means you’ll only use it when it’s needed.

Extended Self-consuption

Extend your self-consumption and power your home and business entirely with renewable energy.  Making sure your Solar MD battery supplies energy when other sources are unavailable.

Demand optimisation

Your power demand can be expensive.  Optimise it by using Solar MD Energy storage to complement your power requirements when power demands are high, and charge when power demands are low.  

Our Application

Lithium batteries are widely used in our life, Quora energy provides the most reliable and innovative energy storage widely spread over the globe with different application scenarios.

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Our Specialization

In addition to provide world-leading energy storage system, we offer best professional service and OAM to help you use energy more efficiently, and save on electricity costs.

Project Planning

Team up with our experienced engineering team in receiving guidance throughout the project design process.

The Training Academy

Offer a certification program for all partners and their technical personnel.

24/7 Technical Support

A dedicated technical support person is available to handle all your queries or concerns 24/7.

Analysis Tools

Use our specialised design tools to accurately determine storage requirements and the best battery packages tailored to customers needs.

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Customers Comments

In my little experience that I have, Solar MD has great range of products and has excelled tremendously the past few years and they always help wherever they can to keep their clients satisfied and happy.
Hanco Niemandt
Project manager
There is no doubt that SolarMD is the most reliable storage solution provider locally with 24/7 hours supporting. we can message them at any time and get fast reply soon.
Mila Kunis
Happy to become SolarMD authorized installer and get professional training. we will bring the best service to all customers.
Mike Stuart

Recent Projects

The widely used storage systems of Solar MD have proven their reliability, safety and cost-effectiveness, Not only are we driving the energy transition with our solutions, but we’re also bringing electricity to places that didn’t have it. Our solutions help you use energy more efficiently, and save on electricity costs.

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