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SolarMD Logger V2

Logger V2 is a high-performance data management system for residential and commercial PV, Hybrid and battery only systems.It collects data from PV inverters, Solar MD batteries, meters and weather stations. It acts as an internet gateway to send real-time data to mypower24 server which is accessible via the mypower 24 web interface. The logger V2 allows the ultimate Energy management system for complex PV or hybrid installations.

Logger V2 Highlights

  • Data management system with serial and Ethernet ports for data and event logging
  • Quick installation and fast plug and play commissioning besides an automatic device discovery mechanism
  • Network Provisioning altogether with dynamic IP addressing (DHCP client and server)
  • Reliable and secure transmission of operational data to the mypower24 platform
  • Remote configuration and management capabilities. Includes firmware upgrades over the internet using mypower24 advanced accounts
  • Above all, it offers simple end-user UI while using their mypower24 user account
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Logger V2 Supported Devices

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Mypower24 Management Platform

Our management software platform is solely designed to manage the hardware and software of energy devices and to provide a system environment for various applications.

Developed as an embedded Linux solution, the platform provides various benefits such as low integration costs through:

  • standardized interfaces
  • high-security standards via certified authentication and encrypted data transfer
  • remote upgrades

Mypower24 platform can either be used:

  • a single energy system (via one Logger V2 eg. one household) or
  • a cloud connected solutions with multiple energy systems (via multiple Logger V2 (or other) hardware gateways), an energy grid protocol converter, data miner or telecontrol gateway
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Installation Picture

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How to use Logger V2

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