Main Features

1.Ultrahigh efficiency: full load efficiency> 95.5%;
2.Super small size: 360mm*85mm*459mm (H * W * D);
3.Full load operating temperature 60℃
4.Ultrawide output voltage range: 100VDC ~ 750VDC;
5.Ultrasmall standby power consumption: standby power ≤ 13W;
6.Complete protection and alarm functions: input over/under voltage, output over voltage, over current, overtemperature protection, output under voltage alarm, output short circuit protection;
7.LED can display output voltage, output current, group address, protocol,module address, manual or automatic, fault information;
8.Support CAN, 485 bus communication, power modules can be grouped by controller;;
9.Adopt DSP digital control and support voltage and current adjustment function;
10.Betery current reverse protection circuit inside, support hot swap;
11.Discharge circuit inside.

Basic Indicators Dimensions 85mm(H)×360mm(W)×459mm(D)
Weight ≤20kg
Efficiency (Full Load) >95.5%
Input Characteristics Input Voltage 285Vac ~ 475Vac,Three Phase + Protective Earth
Power Factor ≥0.99
ITHD ≤5%
Output Characteristic Output Power 30kW
Output Voltage ≥300Vdc
Voltage Range 100Vdc ~ 1000Vdc
Default Value 200Vdc
Voltage Stabilized Accuracy ≤±0.5%
Current Stabilized Accuracy ≤±1%
Ipple Voltage Peak Value Coefficient ≤1%
Operating Temperature -40℃~+75℃
Output Derating At Above 60°C
Environmental Specifications Altitude ≤2000 M
Full Power > 2000 M
The Operating Temperature Decreases By 1°C For Each Additional 100 M.

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